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Stay up to date on what is happening with us in Botany, and within trends, flowers and fashion in general.

Did you know that Botanik had a pop up shop with Clas Ohlson in 2018? Read about Hemma Hos here

"Hemma hos Clas Ohlson" is the first Clas Ohlson store of its kind, and is a concept store that will remain open until the New Year. Here, the customer will get a more comprehensive display of Clas Ohlson's products in a homely setting. In collaboration with the flower supplier and the home delivery service Porterbuddy, the store will also offer a large selection of flowers and plants as well as home delivery of goods.

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Press releases

Ønsker du å komplimentere produktene dine for en annerledes utsendelse?  Da har du kommet til rett sted. Du sender spec, vi finner på noe lekkert som

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Plants for the office?

Plants are not only beautiful to look at, they have been proven to increase concentration, air quality and well-being. We adapt plants and pots to the interior of the office,

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Flowers for your dream wedding

We work systematically with the bridal conversation and dropbox for pictures and inspiration so that the flowers will reflect the bride and groom and they will be happy on the big day <3 

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