• Launch of new collection for Pierre Robert

    Pierre Robert is a brand we love to work with. They are innovative, trendy, while thinking about the environment and sustainability.

  • Fenty Beauty & Botany

    One of our many dreams came true in August when Botanik was given the honorable task of creating a flower wall for Rihanna's make-up brand herself!

  • Botany at the Oslo Design Fair

    We were lucky enough to be part of the Oslo Design Fair this year. But we decorated flowers and plants at the entrance and you could buy decorations for your stand. In addition, we held courses in table setting and flower arranging. Very fun, thank you very much for us <3

  • Botany at Camillapihl.no

    "If you're going to visit Majorstuen at the weekend, we can recommend a short stop by this floor!"
    We are very happy that Camilla pihl magazine has included us in one of their Oslo favorites <3 Read more here <3

  • Joy <3 Botany

    We are all happy with Vipps, but the founders from NTNU wanted more. Spread joy with the Glede app where you can "send" everything from a coffee cup to jewelery and flowers. Whether it's a small everyday greeting or a big anniversary. With us as a gift supplier, it is extra fun that the recipient comes by to...

  • Amoi <3 Botany

    Botany is here to stay, that's for sure. Our goal is to breathe new life into an otherwise traditional industry. That's why we continue to expand and have now launched with Amoi! With a focus on "Simplicity, user focus, sustainability and urban development in one and the same package", Amoi offers local goods from...

  • Foodora <3 Botany

    You won't find a cooler concept: get beautiful flowers delivered in 30 minutes. Foodora started in Norway a few years ago with restaurant food delivered to homes in 30 minutes, and now they have certainly started with flowers and other goods as well. Have you forgotten to buy a hostess gift while you're on your way without the door? Zero stress - …

  • Morning delivery <3 Botany

    We are lucky enough to be able to sell our bouquets at Morgenlevering. The Queen of the Week costs NOK 499 delivered to your home with the incredibly seamless distribution of Schibsted. With the newspaper delivery, the lovely bouquet is delivered before you wake up. So you don't even have to deal with the offer. In addition, you can add buns, freshly squeezed...

  • Milk & Honey article

    These are the plants that will dominate your feed in 2020. They're green, photogenic and social media stars. Green plants have always been a source of inspiration and recreation, but at least as often have been associated with older ladies and those with special interests. In the last couple of years, however, the interest in plants - on the same level as the interest in flowers...

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