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  • Did you know that Botanik had a pop up shop with Clas Ohlson in 2018? Read about Hemma Hos here

    "Hemma hos Clas Ohlson" is the first Clas Ohlson store of its kind, and is a concept store that will remain open until the New Year. Here, the customer will get a more comprehensive presentation of Clas Ohlson's products in a homely setting. In collaboration with the flower supplier and the home delivery service Porterbuddy, the store will also offer a large selection of flowers and plants as well as home delivery of goods.

  • Press releases

    Do you want to compliment your products for a different send-off? Then you've come to the right place. You send the spec, we come up with something delicious that fits your brand and the products you are going to send out. Contact for a non-binding chat. 

  • Company gifts for your employees?

    Whether you are a large or small company, we can send out greetings, gifts and other nice things to your employees. It doesn't matter if your company has 6, 50 or 500 employees. We arrange a delicious and different gift. Coffee, flowers, hand soap, chocolate, plants, you name it. We also attach personal and…

  • Home styling a la Botanik

    Put the finishing touch on the sale of your home. A bouquet and a plant make an excellent image for an advertisement or on the actual display. Not only is it pretty to the eye, it is perceived as incredibly fresh and inviting. A relatively small cost that does a lot for sales. You can also rent larger plants...

  • Plants for the office?

    Plants are not only beautiful to look at, they are proven to increase concentration, air quality and well-being. We adapt plants and pots to the office's interior, as well as light and watering conditions. With good knowledge and a large selection of suppliers, we put in what is suitable for your company. 

  • Flowers for your dream wedding

    We work systematically with bridal conversation and dropbox for photos and inspiration so that the flowers reflect the bride and groom and they are satisfied on the big day <3 

  • Flowers for your event

    No event is too big or too small. We love to be creative and do everything from small to large events. Whether it's an intimate dinner party, a larger party, or a corporate event. We'll fix it! Everything from thanksgiving dinner to a tropical evening with the loan of large plants and trees. We have also been responsible for…

  • We style your garden & balcony

    Do you want a beautiful garden that blooms from spring to autumn? Or are you a housing association that needs to get the job done? We at Botanik can help you. In collaboration with Nordisk Utemiljø AS, we can design your dream garden. We can even plant for you. With over 10 years of experience, Nordic Outdoor Environment...


    After the Monstera fell like a bomb in Norwegian homes a couple of years ago, a nascent interest in special green plants was born among many.

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