5 x small vases - natural in pastel

kr 449,00

Small vases are perfect for those who want a slightly lighter expression on the table with flowers a little in between the table setting and food. In the package you get 5 glass vases with a flower in each vase in a natural style in beautiful pastel colours. One of the vases can contain something green if we think it's appropriate for there to be a nice flow in the layout. The price includes the hire of vases + washing of vases afterwards.

The starting point for the set-up is that there are a total of 5 per 6-8 man table. If you want more flowers per table, just add more sets of 5. The vases are also pretty individually if you want to add a set to, for example, the toilet and the dessert table.

The height including flowers is 20cm.

NB! The vases must be returned to Botanik after the wedding, otherwise NOK 200 per vase will be invoiced.


Oblong, Round

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