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Wedding tailoring

We work closely with the bride and groom to create a day they will soon forget. We do all styles and it is only the imagination that puts a (possible) stop. Please contact us for an informal chat.

Flower meadow

The bride and groom wanted a rural, summery and natural flower meadow feel.


The future couple wanted an elegant, classic, and natural atmosphere on the big day.


After getting to know the bride and groom, we realized that they loved colors and something exciting and different.


The joy was great with the bride when we managed to get peonies far out of season.

Norway meets Scotland

Do you want it traditional or romantic, we asked. "Yes, thank you both!" they replied laughing. And so it was. Scotland meets Norway, at its most beautiful.

We help you with your wedding

Call us on 995 77 683, or use the form below, and we will have a non-binding chat.